Customizable colors / size

RUZZINI Chandelier

Contemporary Staircase Chandelier

A Modern Design for this stairwell chandelier

Lights:15 Led lights
Dimensions:Height: 535 cm / 210” – Total diam. 55 cm / 21” – Cylinders diam: 7 cm / 2.7“ – Columns: 15
Colors:Available in many color variations
Customization:Number of cylinders, dimensions, columns, details

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A cascade of lights
for your Home Decor

Original Murano Glass

Handmade in Murano

All chandeliers are handcrafted one by one and are certified by the Trademark of Origin managed by the Italian Law.


Customizable with the size, shapes, colors and details that best fit your needs.


Easy to Install

 Our collection has been designed for ease of installation.  In any case, you can always count on our expert team.

Spectacular Details

That make our original Murano Glass chandeliers stand out from the rest.

Our hands are our daily work tools

Italian Artisans

Skilled, delicate, and strong. The hands of our masters make everyday gestures handed down for centuries. In front of the 1400 degree ovens, they mold the material according to ancient rites.
This is how the chandeliers that decorate the most prestigious residences admired throughout the world, are born in Murano.

Murano Glassmaster working on a chandelier

Designed in our Murano furnace

Original Murano Glass

Glass Chandelier Piumati Murano –  Can I customize size and colors?

Of course! All our chandeliers are fully customizable, from the number of lights to the shapes and details, with personalized dimensions and colors that fit your decor needs. Let us help you choose the ideal Murano Glass lighting solution.

Glass Chandelier Piumati Murano –  What assistance can I count on?

Our expert team is dedicated to excellent customer care, from the first steps in designing and choosing your perfect chandelier all the way to secure delivery and assistance for installation, anywhere in the world.


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    Additional information

    Weight1,5 kg
    Dimensions90 × 60 × 90 cm

    15 Led Lights


    Height: 535 cm / 21” – Total diam. 55 cm / 21” – Cylinders diam: 7 cm / 2.7“


    Available in many color variations


    Number of cylinders and columns, number of lights, dimensions, details


    Without expert assembly