Glass Masters

Glass Masters in Murano

Maestro” is the title recognized to the best Murano glass artisans who have distinguished themselves for their ability and innovation.

In our company there are four Masters coordinated by Marco Seguso, an eighth generation Maestro.

Seguso is one of the oldest families on the island of Murano. Devoted to the art of Venetian glass since 1300, it has established itself for the creation of artistic masterpieces and bespoke furnishings.

Over the centuries, the Seguso masters have created their works for royal families and entrepreneurial dynasties from all over the world.

In 1605 the name Seguso was inscribed in the Golden Book of Murano, the register where the families of Murano glassmakers were raised to the rank of nobles.

In 1792 the Republic of Venice minted a coin with the name of the Segusos. It was the famous “Osella”, which was given by the Doge to patrician families since 1521.